Craftstones is a wholesale trade only company
The prices listed are wholesale prices. This is also how our merchandise is priced at shows and in the showroom.

This web site is for Wholesale Buyers Only (minimum order $100)
(Wholesale Tax ID # required).

To ensure that only qualified wholesale buyers purchase from this site, we have instituted the steps below. Thank you for your understanding.

To use this site, follow the instructions below
If you already have an account with or have made purchases in the past please email or call us so we can set you up with a webstore account. If not, see instructions below.

Start by creating a login account. To do so you must first email us a copy of your Tax Id, we will then send you a passphrase which will allow you to  create a login account, do this by clicking on the Sign Up in the upper left. Once there you should be able to create an account by entering your company details and the passphrase. 

You will then come to the Welcome screen. It will say "Welcome (your name). To logout please click here.). At this point you have successfully created a Login Account.  Your browser must accept cookies for this process to work.

From that point forward, when you click the Login link, enter your email address and password, and you will be able to place an order. You will also be able to track your orders, leave items in your shopping cart so they will be there the next time you logon (if you choose to do so), and edit your account information.

Though we try our best to display our current stock levels, we cannot always guarantee them due to the nature of our product line. If thats the case, a member of our customer support team will reach out and work with you to complete your order.
Our products also makes it difficult to calculate shipping costs, so they are excluded from the total quote when a purchase is made on the website. Therefore, after filling the order we will calculate the shipping and email you the updated order for your review and approval. Upon your approval we will process the payment and ship your order. 

These are our following discounts, 
$500-$1499, 10% off
$1500+, 15% off

Better discounts available for orders over 1000 Kg, please call.

Note: The following categories are excluded from the discounts above.
  • Tumbled Gemstones 2
  • Commercial Tumbled Stones (Bulk Pricing Available)
  • Gemstone Mixes (Bulk Pricing Available)
Shipping Charges
We negotiate the best available pricing from all shipping vendors, select "cheapest" when you checkout to get the most economic rate. Freight shipping may be economical for orders over 500lbs, please consider.

We will exchange or refund you on any item you consider unsatisfactory, if you return the total lot of that item within 10 days of receipt.  After 10 days, there will be a 15% restocking fee.

***All the sizes mentioned are approximate